Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bra-A-Week: Week 19

Hi All!

Today I have a very ruffled bikini!

Sorry for the late post- things have been SO CRAZY lately! Crazy good, but crazy none the less! I've had so many amazing opportunities come up recently! I'll tell you all about them as soon as I can!

But now onto the Week 19!

I've had this bikini in mind ever since I saw this fabric at Ann's. It just screamed ruffle details :)

The top on this suit is the same pattern that I used for the fringe bikini two weeks ago, but instead of the fringe I added a ruffle! Which was super simple- I just cut a circle ruffle- just like making a circle skirt.

(the original inspiration)

I love this bikini! I just think it's so cute :) And the black details make it go with everything. I can imagine having a huge sun hat and wearing this on the beach!

And since one ruffle on the top wasn't enough, I thought I would have two little ruffles on each side of my hip. Which I do realize was a slightly risky choice, since it's not an area I wanted to add any bulk- but I don't think it ended up being unflattering. Ruffles are so worth it anyways! - And of course when you make a new suit this cut you have to paint your nails to match!

I'm seriously going to have to figure out some closet organization for all these suit! I'm running out of space! And I need a good way to display them too, because these beauties can't just hide in the bottom of a drawer!!

(the necessary Gibby photo, with his 'did you say hungry?' face)

Seriously counting down the days until it is warm enough for the beach. I feel like I'm going to bring 5 bathing suits and change every hour just so I can wear them all right away!

And now some beautiful creations from you this week!
First we have this lovely bra from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier

Sofia made this bra from the Pattern Making for Underwear Design book that she reviewed on her blog! She is working her way through the draft-your-own patterns and this is her first!

Sofia made this with stretch pink mesh, lined with nylon tricot on the cradle and power next on the back! Great skill building! Don't forget to check out Sofia's post over on her blog!
Next we have a very creative bra from David of Bonnet Blue

David made this 'open cup bra' using black elastic and lace! Very creative! I can imagine that this would look very nice if you wore it under a low-cut bra, to show the style lines from underneath! Super cool!

David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet Blue 

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl


Thanks everyone for all your great submissions! You are all getting so goo! Really building your skills and testing your styles! I love it!

Don't forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

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Happy Sunday!

xo erin

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Off-the-shoulder Nettie!

Hi All!

For my third indie pattern make of Me Made May I have.... another Nettie!!

I know I was supposed to do a different pattern every week to try out new patterns, but after I saw this pattern hack tutorial on Closet Case Files for making your Nettie an off-the-shoulder style I knew I needed one!

You know that moment when you see something that inspires you and you instantly have a complete project formed in your head- this was one of those!

I grabbed this grey and black bamboo knit out of my stash and got to work on my crop-top beauty!

It was a super simple pattern hack and Heather explains it really well in her tutorial. After dropping the shoulders, I cropped my pattern off at the 'Shelf Bra' line on her pattern, and I think it was the perfect length for a crop top for me. I cropped the sleeves to be the same length too.

Instead of doing self-binding I went back to my old stand-by, 3/8" fold over elastic, matte side out. It worked really well for this! Although you should keep in mind that if you are finishing this with fold over elastic instead of using her method of binding, you're going to lose a little height, since this doesn't add any height to the neckline.

I am looking forward to rocking the high waisted skirt/short with a crop top trend this summer! (since I'm not quite bold enough to expose my whole stomach).

Getting my puppy love! :)

I feel so stylish in this outfit!

I think the Nettie is going to be a staple in my pattern collection!

And absolutely loving this pattern hack! Do you have any favourite pattern hacks?

xo erin

Friday, May 22, 2015

Me Made May Week 3 Round Up!

Hi All!!

Week 3 of Me-Made-May, and it was quite a spectacular week if I do say so myself!!

DAY 16

This was a day for lovely morning with my favourite summer pjs!! I wore my cute pj set that I made from the Sorbetto top pattern and bloomer bottoms that were a modified pattern taken from RTW. 

DAY 17

This was my day of being a bombshell goddess! After taking the photos for this suit for Week 18 of Bra-A-Week, I stayed in it for a while, just lounging with the gorgeous weather!

It's like picking a favourite child, but I think this might be my favourite swim suit so far!

DAY 18 

It was another glorious day in Ontario and I thought I would do a little sun bathing mermaid style!  (in the shade as a responsible pale person does- although it looks like Gibby got a little sun in his eyes!)

DAY 19

This was my day to wear some home-made jewelry, I love the super indie feel of this necklace, fun and delicate :) 

DAY 20

This was a day for lots of computer work, which means home-made sweat pants all the way! 

DAY 21

I thought I would highlight one of my most used hand-made items- and that is this laptop case that my mom made me! It has a super handy pocket on the front for papers and my planner and I love the nautical feel :) 

DAY 22

My indie pattern make of the week! I know I was supposed to branch out and try new patterns but I saw this pattern hack for the Nettie over at Closet Case Files on making an off-the-shoulder Nettie and I knew I needed one in a crop-top version! I love it!! 

The post on this top is coming tomorrow!!

Yay! I've been loving this Me Made May! It reminds me of how much work I've done this year, how many beautiful things I've made, and how lucky I am to be doing all of this :) 

How is your MMMay 2015?


xo erin

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bra-A-Week: Week 18

Hi All!!

It's Week 18 already! And I was feeling a little retro inspired!

You might recognize this fabric from the giveaway options :) I thought since it wasn't chosen that I should make a suit with it! And I haven't made a retro suit in quite a while!

My favourite part of this suit are the exposed bra cups- with the power-bar turned halter strap! I think it gives such a bombshell look! :) Loving it!!

The back is just a straight-across top because the front straps go to a halter, and I finished the top edge with black binding- which I think gives it a really sharp finish!

Instead of a regular scoop I thought I would also mix it up by having a more 'V' back, and bringing it a little lower :)

And my second favourite part of this suit is the detail I added to the bottom- I did some colour blocking with black around the legs at the bottom- I feel like it give a more slimming illusion of a higher cut leg with the better coverage and retro vibe of a lower cut leg!

Always fun for playing in the garden with your puppy!

I just love everything about this suit- I think it makes me look so shapely!

YAY!! I'm so happy that summers here!!

And now on to your lovely makes from this week!!

First we have this lovely set from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia has been away with a sick sewing machine! But it's all better now- and just in time to make some more beautiful bras- like this foam-cup one!!

This is the second part of her lingerie course, and her first foam bra- a two-piece, balconette cup covered in lace! Very pretty! Don't forget to go over to Sofia's blog and see her post about it!!

Next we have a beautiful set from Michelle of Michelle's Creations!

Michelle made this from the Sewy Rebecca pattern, adjusting for her omega shape, lowering the bridge and modifying for a flat spot (what a pro!!) So pretty with that lace- and gorgeous touch with the crystal on the front- absolutely stunning!

She also made these cute panties to complete the set! Love the pink and ivory- so Spring! Don't forget to check out Michelle's post over on her blog!

Next we have a very pretty set from new contributor Lisette!

Lisette made this bra from this inspiration photo- and what an amazing job she did! Very impressive! I am so in love with this colour combination too! I think it's much prettier than the original!

She made this using molded foam cups that she cut down to shape, and a pattern that she took from an old RTW bra- absolutely gorgeous set! Love it!!


Truly impressive work this week everyone! I am so jealous of all your sets- amazing inspiration!

Don't forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

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I hope the sun is shining wherever you are and that you're having an amazing day :)

xo erin

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Navy Nettie from Closet Case Files!

Hi All!

Today I have my indie pattern make of the week! It was part of my goal for Me Made May to make an indie pattern every week of May- and this week it's the Nettie from Closet Case Files!

Now I think I should call this goal the 'Have my amazing mom make me an indie pattern every week' because that is a lot more realistic! Again, I have to give credit to mom for this make- she is fantastic and bailed me out again!

I've seen a lot of really nice Netties out there- and I thought it was about time that I had one! And who doesn't love a body suit!

The pattern printed out pretty well, and I taped it all together. I cut out a size 10, which was pretty close to my measurements- for alterations I added 1 1/2" at the lengthen shorten line and I raised the leg about 1" at the side seam- because the leg was a little too low cut for me.

And the fit turned out great!! This pattern comes with so many style options- and I picked the 3/4 sleeves, the high neck and the low back!

The arms are very high cut and fitted so they stayed on really well, I was worried at first that the back would gape or that it would fall off my shoulders, but it stays put nicely!

I picked this navy knit fabric with a lot of all-way stretch. It also has this really neat pattern all over of these intersecting raised lines.

Mom used strips of it to self bind all the edges.

It came together really quick!

I think my favourite part of this suit is the low back- it just looks so elegant to me!

And it was such a fun time walking on the Marsh Boardwalk with mom and Gibby! He's such a curious little pup! And it was a perfect day for taking photos!

I am completely in love with my Nettie! I can't wait to make another one. Next time I night switch it up and make one with a scoop neck and higher back. - we'll see!

How is your Me Made May going?

Have you been meeting your goals? Made anything new?

I've been pretty happy with my MMMay wardrobe so far - I'm surprising myself with how many things I've made that I love and wear! 

xo erin