Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BRA KITS!! They're finally here!!

Hi All!

I'm so excited to announce that my BRA KITS are up on Etsy! and available for purchase!!

YAY!! and to celebrate every bra kit comes with a FREE PAIR OF WIRES!!!

This has been quite a while in the making, and it's still just the start! :)

So let me tell you a little bit more about these kits!

The main feature in these kits is this lovely no-stretch knit for cups! 

You may remember the red bra that I made a few weeks ago...

When I said I had a beautiful new fabric that I was testing out..

Well I can honestly say that I've hardly taken this bra off since I made it. It is by far the most comfortable and favourite bra that I own! (shhhh.. don't tell my other bras!)

So I'm very excited that I can bring this fabric to you! YAY Comfortable bras for all!

Let me tell you a little more about this fabric! It is a lightweight, knit fabric with NO stretch! Perfect for making bras!

It's very breathable, and has wicking properties (who doesn't want that in a bra!) and is really smooth against the skin! And I find that it has just enough 'give' to be really nice and smooth in the cups, unlike some other super-rigid fabrics.

It doesn't have quite the super-duper support and rigidity of fabrics like duoplex, or completely rigid embroidered lace, but it is very light and comfortable!

And now I found it in four other colours! I don't just have the red but also: Pink, Raspberry, Chartreuse & Blue!

(sorry if the colours seem a little off- you wouldn't believe the problems I had trying to white balance these! I tried to make them as colour accurate as possible!)

Here is a behind the scenes photo where you can see them all together!

But besides this fabric- I wanted to make sure that these kits have everything that you need to make a bra! Because I know how hard it is to source out all the little pieces!

They also include:

- Powernet - .5m X .38m (or 20" X 15") Perfect if you want to make a regular OR racer back!

- 15 denier- in a lovely nude colour for lining the bridge for extra stability (although I include enough to line the cups if you like!

Along with those fabrics I offer two sizes of findings!

For the SMALL range of findings kits I include:

- 3 m of 3/8" plush back elastics (for top and bottom band)

- 1 m of 1/2" strap elastic

- 0.8 m of channelling

- 1 set of 1/2" sliders & rings (in black, silver or gold)

- 1 set of Hook & Eyes (2X3)

** These come in White, Black & Red! **

And for the LARGE range of findings kits I include: 

- 1.2 m of 3/4" plush back elastics (for bottom band)

- 2 m of 3/8" plush back elastic (for top band)

- 1 m of 3/4" strap elastic

- 0.8 m of channelling

- 1 set of 3/4" sliders & rings (in silver or black)

- 1 set of Hook & Eyes (3X3)

** Currently these are only available in white***

I wanted to give two size ranges for the findings because everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to their elastics and findings! Personally I find myself grabbing for the smaller range for some bra styles and often the larger range for bralettes! (I mean, who doesn't love a 3/4" strap!)

I don't have the findings kits up separately right now, they are soon to come!

And of course I'm offering a FREE pair of wires with every bra kit!! YAY!! You simply need to make a comment on the purchase of what size and style you want!

Taken Straight from Etsy!: 

I also have extra sliders and rings up for purchase :)


I'm so excited to be able to spread the love of bra-making and all my favourite things with all of you! And I promise this is just the start!

Let me know if you have any questions about the kits or anything else! 

xo erin

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Life [30.08.15]: Product Photography, Fabric Shopping & a Day of Rest

Hi All,

Here is a late look over my week :) I've had a bit of a weird week. Some ups, some downs, and overall I have to say that I've had a bit of a tired week. You know those weeks where you feel like you're getting behind on everything- and all the things that you're working on are slower than molasses? That was my week. 

So instead of waking up full of energy yesterday, ready to write my Saturday Life- it was one of those mornings where everything was going wrong, and I had bit of a melt-down... And decided that the rest of my day would be much better spent snuggling with my puppy and being away from my computer.

So now that the weekend is almost over, I feel like I'm in a better mood to be reflecting on my week and sharing the best bits with all of you lovelies!

The first part of my week was spent working on product photography- something I never knew could be quite so tricky- and something that has been much harder to do with bra-kits than swimwear kits. Who knew that adding a piece of black or white powernet to the frame would completely throw off the white balance and colour? who knew? *sobs*

And here that behind the scenes 'magic behind the photos' you will see on Etsy soon! (I should have a couple kits up tonight, but I'll be doing a post on them tomorrow!)

None of this would be possible without this little helper-puppy who insists that my lap is the best place to sit while I set up the kits for pics.

Another little teaser about some kits- these ones won't be coming out for a couple more weeks- but I've been sourcing some lovely laces for you all :) And my dad made me these amazing wooden cards for me to put the lace on - thanks dad!! They are so tempting! 

In other news, I managed to get myself to the big city this week for some Queen st. fabric shopping with a friend. I can never say no to floor-to-ceiling fabric!

So of course I couldn't walk away without something beautiful- which was this amazing gold silk brocade for an upcoming corset this fall! (My friend picked out this navy&turquoise for herself!)

Anyone joining me for Corset October this fall in the Bra-A-Week Challenge?

Speaking of the Bra-A-Week Challenge- I'll be taking it over again! Alas it is the end of the summer and my wonderful summer host - Michelle - has passed the torch back to me- and I am again the host of the Bra-A-Week Challenge. So you will be seeing those Sunday posts up again starting next Sunday!

For this Sunday make sure that you check out the Bra-A-Week Challenge over on her blog!

Otherwise this week I've been enjoying:

The #sewphotohop over on Instagram, this was my Day 29 photo for 'eye level' - not super sewing-themed but I love it :)

The fresh corn on the cob that is finally in season! nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

And pinterest- I've been obsessed with these Ziegfeld Follies Girls - and all these gorgeous boudoir style shots from the 1920's *swoon* I've been in a pinning frenzy over them on my Boudoir Board.

And that's been my week. Have you ever had weeks where you want to just roll over and go back to bed- where nothing seems to be going very well? I hope I got it all out of my system! This week is busy!

Hope you've all had a lovely week

xo erin

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Life [22.08.15]: Supply Shopping, Cottaging & Business Building!

Hi All!

And another Saturday rolls around too soon! Wow the time is really flying!

This week has been really busy - I've actually been away for four days! Cottaging then shopping! And the rest of the week has been busy working on business, storage issues, and Etsy prep!

It was quite a blissful start to my week to spend the full day outside at my friend's cottage, in the sun, drinking Corona's with lime :) Wearing the bikini I made my sister (it's funny you always want what isn't yours!)

It was amazing weather and a day full of sun with my friend Claire :) Thanks for sharing the beer!

What you can't see in the photo is the insane sunburn I ended up with the next day- :P I guess I got my vitamin D in for the whole summer!

After that blissful get-a-way it was right back to work with some days picking up supplies in Toronto in Hamilton. Which meant endless aisles of fabric- aaaahhhh shopping bliss! So many stops!

Besides cottaging and shopping my week was full of business prep, business planning and other meetings.

Brain-storming sessions on my bed with my good friend who is planning an amazing photo-shoot!

I also found out about an AMAZING online design tool at a workshop this week:

I am so excited to start playing around with that and making some beautiful blog graphic design updates!

It's also been a fun week on Instagram with the #sewphotohop happening the August! This was my photo for 'Tiny vs. Big' lol

I also have a SUPER exciting thing coming up that I'll tell you next week :) :)

And last but not least I am SO HAPPY with how my Etsy shop is coming along! There have been a couple small delays with the bra kits but I'm hoping to have them, along with underwires and sliders and rings out this week :) :) So look out for that!!

What an awesome week :) Hope your week has been just as wonderful!

xo erin

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Life [15.08.15]: Etsy, Shop Signs & Stashes

Hi All!

I thought I would use this picture as the header for my Saturday Life this week- because a) it's really cute and b) it represents the pace of my week: running!

So I'll jump right in with the most exciting part of my week! My Etsy launch!!

This has been so long in the making between sourcing and testing al the materials, pricing, figuring out Etsy, product photography! But I'm so happy with my shop :)

Here is me writing the announcement post on Thursday! (Gibby had a bit of an unhappy tummy and was needing snuggles)

Lots of product photography!! And a sneak peak of the sliders that are coming to the shop next week :) :) 

And of course- to launch the shop I'm having a promotion! Free pack of Schmetz Stretch 75/11 needles with every swimwear kit!! 


I've also had some updates on my actual physical store front Emerald Studio! I've met with my sign guy this week and he drafted me up this beauty!!

I can't stop swooning over this! Love at first sight! Thanks @ahaleyart !! I can't wait for this to be above the door of my shop!! <3 <3 <3 <3 


Otherwise this week has been a bit of this: 

A lot of this: 

And just a little bit of this:

I hope you've all had a fantastic week :) :) 

xo erin

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hi All!!!

YAY it's finally here!!!

AND to celebrate I'm giving away a FREE package of Schmetz Stretch 75/11 Needles with every kit!!

I can't believe it's finally all come together!! And I have a beautiful selection of 11 SWIMWEAR KITS!! Some of the prints you might recognize and some are new! But all are hand picked and matched by me with love :) :)

Right now I have only swimwear kits, later in the day I'm going to add my sliders & rings, later underwires, and next week (*praying for shipments to come in soon!!*) I will finally have bra kits & findings kits!!

I've decided to slowly release more products over the coming weeks because I don't want to swamp myself with a million things all at the start! I've also only listed 1 of every item until I can get a handle on my inventory management and better control my listings- but for lots of the prints I'll have enough for a second or third listing of the kits- so if your favourite disappears don't worry, there's a chance I'll have enough for another!

Here are some of the Swimwear Kits!!



All of my kits have a beautiful printed fabric, and a coordinating solid colour fabric- because that is my FAV way of making swimwear and I feel it looks so professional and gives WAY more style and design options! It's also all high quality matte-finished swimwear that won't have a white background when you stretch it!!

I decided to give two options for quantities in the kits for One-Piece Swimsuits and Two-Piece Swimsuits! Both are the same price and have very similar overall amounts of fabric, they are just divided differently to make it easier for suit making!

One-Piece Swimsuit kits have more of the printed swimwear fabric and less of the solid coordinating colour. They also have more lining to cover a full one-piece suit, but less elastic because you don't need it for waistbands!

Two-Piece Swimsuit Kits have the same amount of printed and solid coordinating fabric so you can mix & match! They have less lining, but more elastic, for waist bands and bikini strings!

The exact amounts of everything are in the listings!!

I did a fair amount of research on patterns and fabric quantities out there to try to make sure that there was enough fabric in the kits for most projects- but of course you can't accommodate for everything- like super-ruched suits!

Which is why there is a CUSTOM KIT OPTION!! I don't have a specific listing to make a custom kit- but on any of the kits that you see offered- you just let me know your amounts and I'll put together whatever you need! :)

The other thing you'll notice is that I have Canadian and United States shipping options pre-entered - but for all other international shipping just send me an email and I'll calculate a price! It's too difficult to go through every single country for every kit and figure out all the shipping prices and I don't want to have a general 'Everywhere' price and end up way over charging some people! So just send me an e-mail and I'll figure out your shipping!

I am SO excited to be starting this shop and sharing my love of swimwear :) :)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything please let me know!! I want to build an online business that you all love! :)

Happy shopping!!

xo erin