Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Tiny Break from Bra A Week

Hi All!

The sun is shining and I'm out there soaking it up!

It's a beautiful long weekend here in Canada, and since it's the long weekend, and because there is an extra Sunday in May, I decided to take that extra Sunday and treat myself to a weekend off.

I'm out with family & friends, drinking wine, hiking in waterfalls, having bbqs and smiling until my face hurts- and I hope you're all out there doing the same! Treat yo' self!



Saturday, May 21, 2016

[WEEK 3]: MMMAY16 Round Up!

Hi All!

Week 3 has already come to an end, how does time move so quickly? And I have to say that time slipped out too quickly this week, and I didn't have time to get my indie make done. After fighting a terrible cold for the first half of the month (since when do colds go around in May??) the beautiful sunshine was too tempting for me this week, and I decided to give myself a break.

But that didn't stop me from wearing some of my all-time favourite me-mades this week, mostly under-things of course :)

Here is my week in wears!

DAY 15

Absolutely adored wearing my new lace on the side boyshorts :)

DAY 16

This was a time to pull out a bra from earlier this year, my lace demi, and match it up with my new boyshorts! I think I'm getting addicted to the luxury of matching sets!

DAY 17

This was the first day that I had a non-sewing make, and since I was beading and beers night with the girls at The Emerald Studio, I thought it was fitting for this gorgeous bracelet to be my me-made of the day!

DAY 18

But of course I can't stay away from my me-made lingerie for too long, and it was such a gorgeous day to wear my 'in the nude' bralette and high-waisted panty set, which is definitely a spring staple for me :)

DAY 19

More lingerie of course my black lace plunge bra, although this bra definitely needs to find a matching bottom in the future! Black lace on a Thursday is always good :)

DAY 20

This was a super fun day, out with mom and Gibby! wearing my off-the-shoulder pattern hacked Nettie Bodysuit from Closet Case Files, that I also made into a crop top. Perfect outfit to enjoy the sunshine!

DAY 21

Then I wrapped the week up with one of my bra staples, the black beauty :) Always a favourite! 

Overall a fantastic week in the me-made life :) It's so nice to be doing this for the third year, and seeing how my me-made wardrobe has grown so much, and how I'm making more and more wearable staples and favourites!

I think there are still a couple gaps in my wardrobe, and I have to say, I've never felt quite so hungry to do some more regular clothes sewing, I've already dreamed up the next pair of Hudson pants that I want to make, and I've got my eye on so many more patterns! I'll definitely have to find a few spare hours this summer for some clothes sewing, in between my lingerie & swim makes of course ;)

How are you doing with your me-made may goals? Found any gaps in your wardrobe? Feeling inspired by any patterns or fabrics?

I love hearing from you :)



Sunday, May 15, 2016

[BAW20]: A Little Lace on the Side

Hi All,

I think at this point it's pretty clear that I love a good boyshort. I'm filling my drawer with as many pair as I can this month! And I wanted to do a little twist on the original this week with some lace on the side.

 I really love the look of lace on a boyshort, but I find the ones that are made entirely of lace are very cheeky, require a very wide lace trim, and aren't always as conforming to the shape of the leg since they have to be cut straight along the leg to allow for the decorative edge of the lace.

My solution to adding a bit of lace, was to add some lace side panels :) Then I finished them with the fold-over elastic for the black, and the 3/8" band elastic for the nude :)

And of course, I don't like to show you things that you can't have too- so all of the fabrics and elastics are available in The Emerald Studio Etsy!

And along those lines, I can tell you that the boyshort pattern is coming along very soon! :)

I think that this combo with lace might be some of my favourites! I think it adds just the perfect amount of pretty and fun and interesting, without compromising any of the functionality or comfort!

How has your week in sewing been?



Saturday, May 14, 2016

[WEEK 2] MMMay16 Round-Up!

Hi All!

It's already the end of week 2 of Me Made May, and I have to say that I'm just as smitten with it as last week :) This week I've worn lots of my me-made underwear, some me-made pjs, an indie pattern make from last MMMAY and of course my latest indie pattern make from this week, which I love!

Here is my week in me-mades :) 


 This was a day where I wore one of my favourite new pairs of boyshorts that I made in my tutorial on Three ways to sew panty elastic!


This was a day to be out in the garden and the sunshine, and to get a little extra vitamin D and feel the sun on my skin, I wore my low back nettie body suit (from closet case files) that I made last year for MMMay15 :)

DAY 10

I sneaked this bralette out of my sisters draw on this day, this was the bralette that I made here for Christmas :) 

DAY 11

This was another day for some me-made lingerie, and I pulled out one of my favourites, my Snow White bra, that is looking very lovely for Spring too :) 

DAY 12

This was my indie pattern make day, and this week it was my version of the Hudson Pants from True Bias, which I am in love with! 

DAY 13 

It's finally starting to warm up (some days) and it was the perfect opportunity to break out my favourite summer pjs! They are self-drafted bloomer shorts and the Sorbetto top from Colette!

DAY 14

And today was of course another day for some lovely me-made lingerie, and my Parisian bra was my pick of the day, I love it just as much as the day I designed it <3

There is my round-up for Week 2 of Me-Made-May 2016!

I'm finding that it's much easier this year than it was last year, after a full year of the Bra-A-Week Challenge!

How is your Me Made May going? What challenges have you found? Still sticking to your goal?

Let me know!



Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Hudson Pant

Hi All!

It's time for my second indie pattern make of Me Made May! And I'm SO happy I chose this pattern I love it!

This week I made the Hudson Pants from True Bias .

I made them using a deep fuchsia, thick stretch knit with this subtle zig-zag texture. For the waistband, cuffs and pocket detail I used a thin ribbed grey knit, I'm really loving this dark grey and fuchsia combo.

These pants are supremely comfy, the only modification that needed to be made was to add 1 1/2 " to the length because I'm pretty tall. I think the fit is pretty spot!

I think my favourite thing about these pants is that they still look chic enough to go out in, not just your stay at home track pants.

I feel like that's all I can say about these pants! They came together so quick and easy, Mom and I tag-teamed, one pinning while the other serged, one topstitching while the other cut out the cuffs- and poof, they were done!

Have you made the Hudson Pants before? What do you think?

How is your Me-Made-May coming along? Have you found any gaps in your me-made wardrobe yet?



Sunday, May 8, 2016

[BAW 19]: BRA THEORY: 3 Ways to Sew Panty Elastic

Hi All!

Today is going to be a Bra Theory post, or more accurately Panty Theory! Three ways that I like to sew panty elastic, which is also three different types of panty elastic too.

I got the idea from my post last week, where I used three different styles of elastic to finish my three pair of boyshorts, and I wanted to give a simple simple tips on the elastics I like and use, and how I like to apply them.

1. The Lace Trim

The first and easiest of them all is with a stretch lace trim. You can find these trims in different widths, I love this really narrow little one, but 1" wide ones are nice too!

The best thing about this type of elastic is that it isn't a very strong elastic, so it won't cut into your skin and it won't show through your clothing as much, which I love, and is also perfect for boyshorts, since they cut across the cheek and you don't want much tension.

To sew it on, I like to use a regular 2-step zig zag, and I use stitch that is about 2.5-3 wide, and 2-2.5 long. These settings will be different depending on your machine, the only thing that you want to do is test your stitch to make sure that it isn't tight and won't snap when you pull on it.

With the right side of your fabric up, lay your elastic on the edge of your leg or waist opening. Stitch on the inside edge of your elastic.

When you come full circle lay your elastic overlapping your raw edge be 1/4" - 3/8", zig-zag to that point then pivot and zig-zag your elastic together. Then you can cut the elastic right at the edge of the join. With a stretch lace trim it will be barely noticeable.

Then you can trim off  your fabric right to the edge of your zig-zag on the underside, super neat!

2. The Regular Elastic

Regular elastic is a very standard and great option. It's a good option because it is great for matching to your bra, because you probably used that elastic in your bra, and this elastic  should also have a nice plush soft side!

This style of elastic is also great for a full-seated style of panty because it does have a little more strength, and will do a good job of hugging a panty under the cheek if that's what you want it to do!

This elastic application will have two passes of stitching. Start with the right side of your fabric facing up. Lay your elastic along the edge with the plush side facing up and picots facing in. Stitch with a zig zag stitch (I like to use a 3 width, 2.5 length) on the inside edge of the elastic, so that the inside stitch is almost touching the picot edge (this way only the little tips of your picots will show on the right side after you finish).

Now when you come full circle and meet the other side, just the same as before, overlap your elastic by about 1/4", pivot and sew your elastic together, then trim your elastic to the edge of your join.

Then you can flip your elastic to the inside, I like to sew with the elastic facing up, and the wrong side of the fabric up, and keep a bit of tension on the fabric so it lays nice and flat under the elastic. You want to stitch on the inside edge of the elastic (the edge without picots now!) so that you can completely secure the elastic down. This step is really easy since your elastic is already in a round and you can just zip around the circle.

3. The Fold Over

You know me, I love some good fold-over elastic!

I like this because it has a super clean finish, that is really chic, and if you do it on a matching bra and panty set, it really pulls them together. It's also a really smooth finish and it isn't too tight on the leg, which I love.

Unlike the previous two methods you want to start with the wrong side of the fabric up. Lay your fold over so that it is open, with right sides up, and the center line of your fold-over is lined up with the outside edge of your fabric. Stitch on the inside edge of your elastic, being careful not to stitch on your fabric. I like to use a slightly smaller zig-zag for this (about 2.5 wide and 2 long).

When you're coming up the the end of your leg hold/waist, cut your elastic so that it is about 1/2" overlapping. Then fold that raw edge under by 1/4" and you will have your elastic overlapping with a nice clean edge. Do the same stitching and pivoting as before.

Super tidy!

Then you can trim your fabric and flip the panties so that the right side of the fabric is facing up, fold your elastic over, and stitch on the inside edge! You won't have to worry about holding it down, or wedging your fabric in as you go, because it's already sewn down once- super easy!

Now the other thing about these elastics that I am asked all the time is- do you stretch your elastic? And the answer to that question really depends.

It depends on how strong your elastic is- if it's very firm, you won't want to stretch it as much, it also depends on the style, if this is a cheek-hugging panty then you will want to put some tension on your elastic where you want it to hug under the cheek, but on a boyshort or a style where it is crossing your cheek, you don't want much pressure, just the slightest hint of tension the the elastic keeps it's form.

And there you have it- the three ways that I sew my panty elastic!

How do you like to sew your elastic? Which is your favourite?

Hope you're having a great Sunday!



Saturday, May 7, 2016

[WEEK 1] MMMay16 Round up!

Hi All!

It's been a pretty good start to Me-Made-May this year, if I do say so myself :)

I did wake up with a bad cold on day 3, but I'm not letting it dampen my me-made spirits :) It just gives me a chance to wear all my comfiest me-mades!

Here is my week in outfits!

DAY 1 

Red Bra & Matching Boyshorts Set- possibly my favourite thing ever

DAY 2 

Jacket Express from the Islander Sewing System- an old favourite!


A day to be sick and cozy in my me-made sweatpants, these are very old and very loved :) 


Another day to be sick and snuggle in my cozy sewing jammies with mr Gibby- (did you notice his hair cut, lol)!


My new indie pattern make! The Bethioua at the beach! 

DAY 6 

Feeling cool in my indie pattern make from last May- the Alexandria Peg Trousers! 

DAY 7 

Today was a day to be comfy, I'm still getting over my cold and I needed something snuggly to be with me all day, so I'm wearing my Winter Bralette & new boyshorts! :) 

It has been a good week in Me-Mades!! 

It's funny how much Me-Made-May inspires me to sew, I realize as soon as it starts that I've been suppressing all my clothes sewing urges and then suddenly it's like 'I want to make ALL the things!!, not just the under-things!!' 

What have you been inspired to sew so far this May?

Talk to me in the comments!!