Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tipsy Tuesday: Crabapple Liqueur

Hi All!

Today I have a guest post from my sister- who made some Crabapple Liqueur!!


I first tried this liqueur at the farm (Mom’s friend’s farm where she keeps her garden) not sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a sweet-tart treat! I couldn’t believe it was 20% alcohol, so be careful. This can be drank in a shot glass or mixed with club soda to lighten it up.

So, I had to make it myself – here’s how it went:

Crabapple Liqueur 

5 lbs crab apples (quartered)
3 cups Vodka
4 cups sugar
1 large jar

Our crab apples were picked at a park downtown, so they were all free! They can actually be eaten on their own too.


First, I cut up the apples and stuffed them into the jar.

After the apples fill the jar, pour the sugar over top. It tends to get stuck so you have to shake it around to get it to settle. I tried pouring the vodka in with it to get the sugar to dissolve.

To get these ingredients in, I had to be creative with the top of a water bottle to funnel everything in. Only one overflow incident, so you have to be patient with the sugar!

Once all the ingredients are in, put the lid on and lay it on a towel. The jar will remain here for the next 16 days. Turn the jar one quarter turn everyday, so there will be 4 full rotations by the end of the 16 days. Don’t worry if the sugar is not dissolved right away, it will slowly dissolve over the first week. 

The liquid will turn a pink colour.

At the end of the 16 days, strain the mix to get all the juices out of the apples. It should make roughly two 1L bottles of sweet-tart crab apple liqueur!

mmmmm! - such a treat!


Thanks so much to my sister Kristie for guest posting! If you don't already know my sister - she is the amazing artist who did my banner above, and she has a wonderful blog where she posts about her art!

Hope you're all having a very tipsy Tuesday!

xo erin

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mom Monday: Lace-edge Undies, Cloning Your Favourites!

Hi All,

This Monday mom surprised me by cloning one of my favourites- a pair of undies!

I've had these undies for a while and I love them, super comfy boy short style, and with the lace edge leg they're great for having a smooth edge that doesn't show through clothes.

But as with every clothing item you love- it can't last forever. Especially if you leave your laundry on the floor in a house with a dog, a dog that has a special taste for women's underwear... gross.

However, if you have an amazing mom like I do, she just might surprise you with a clone of them!!

And most helpfully a picture tutorial of how she did it! :) YAY for blogging mom!!

So first she cut the undies apart at the front, back and crotch seam- you don't need a side seam on a boy short- and flattened the pattern piece down snipping along the elastic to make it lie flat.

Then she traced a pattern - marking the line for the lace. - It's also handy to put a name and date on the pattern :)

Then she cut it out of this super soft stretch cotton :) It was such an amazing match to the lace on my old undies that she cut it off and used it for the new ones!

Stitching on the stretch lace with a twin needle.

Serging up the center seam :)

Stitching on the gusset lining.

Then trimming away all the fabric under the lace with some applique scissors.

The final step is the top band elastic!

Oh and a bow of course!! :)

Such a fantastic pair of undies :) LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thanks mom- best surprise ever!

Do you ever clone any of your favourite clothes? How did it work out for you?

xo erin

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WW: Blueberry Picking

Hi All!

A couple weeks ago I did a post about strawberry picking, well now it's time for blueberries- which I have to say I love picking even more than strawberries. :)

The berries are SO GOOD this year!!

They're jumbo sized! and super sweet and flavourful!

So plentiful that the bushes were completely weighed down with fruit!

 Mom and I couldn't help ourselves, after an amazing morning of picking we managed to pick just over 60 lbs of berries- so berries for all, and some for the freezer to get us through the winter! All in the car waiting to be taken home :)

Some of the best picking I can remember! And we pick at the farm that mom has been bringing me to pick since I was 3, Brambleberry farms !!

I can't wait to go home again so I can do some more picking! I love summer-time!

Do you pick blueberries? What fruit grows near you?

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

xo erin

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sew It Was- Work Social!

Hi All!

Yesterday all the Bra-makers ladies piled in a car and headed up to New Hamburg for our work social. What is in New Hamburg you may ask? Only the most amazing antique sewing machine collection you have ever seen!

We were greeted right away by Carl and his antique display cabinet full of toy sewing machines! So gorgeous! 

They were so cool! 

 This little machine was a travel sewing machine! Can you imagine?

But besides the little travel and toy machines he had rooms full of the full sized treadle machines!

This one below was made by a company called Howe- the owner of which (Howe) was so vain that he put his face all over the machines lol.

Carl had such an amazing knowledge of all the machines, how he got them, the companies they were from and their histories. We were all so wrapped up in his stories! Here he is telling Beverly and Rebecca all about one of his machines!

And he had such unique pieces in his collection- this old sewing machine took the fabric from right to left- can you imagine sewing sideways?

For all the left-handed sewers out there- here is a rare left handed machine!

And when I say that he had endless machines I really mean it- this was just one corner of one room!

And just when we thought the tour was coming to an end Joan (Carl's wife) took over the tour and brought us around her garden. Wow was it breathtaking!

Endless beautiful flowers- we were in heaven!

We never wanted to leave!

 It was a day very well spent, and I have to say a HUGE thank you to Carl and Joan for being the most wonderful hosts and for taking us on a private tour of their amazing collection and gardens. We had such a fantastic time!

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

xo erin

Thursday, August 7, 2014

TBT: Sorbetto Top Nightie Set

Hi All!

Today for throwback thursday I have a little sleep set I made for my sister a couple years ago.

The top is the free Sorbetto top pattern, and the bottoms were a pair of pj shorts that I cloned.

 Super comfy, super simple, super sweet!

I made it out of this soft thin cotton seersucker fabric, and made a small self binding to finish the armholes and the neckline.

And for the bottoms I just added about 6 inches of width on each side, then did an elasticated waist and little elastic on the bottom to gather and give the poofy effect! I thought they were so cute! It's also important to measure the elastic around your leg and make sure it isn't tight, because there is nothing more uncomfortable than a tight elastic around your leg when you're trying to sleep!

The bottom edge is just finished with a simple serge

 These are so perfect for the hot summer- and I have to say, my sister never really wore them so I stole them back and have been wearing them myself!

And of course you have to finish with a cute little bow with the leftover bias binding :) 

This was a SUPER SIMPLE project, and a perfect present for someone too. I love making pjs! 

Do you love making pjs too?

Hope you're having a great Thursday!

xo erin 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Mom Monday: Nautical Bike Shorts

Hi All,

Mom made some shorts!! Super cute little bike shorts in a nautical fabric.

And they fit really well too- she even wore them in a sailing race! - shorts selfie!

Mom used the Jalie leggings pattern, and some of the nautical swimwear fabric I bought at Ann's back in March durning master swimwear.

And then she used matching navy to make a band to finish the bottom of the legs.- so sharp!

Just zip them all together on the serger!

So cute- I want a pair!

And so quick to whip up! They look great on mom too- definitely helped her in the sailing race!

I'm going to get her to put them up on her Pattern Review so watch for that if you like!

Hope you're all having a marvelous Monday!

xo erin