Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bra-A-Week [37]: The first week of Corsets!

Hi All!!

YAY! Corset October is here! And this is my first corset of the month!

This one is made with the Freedom Corset Pattern from Pin-Up Girls, and I made it in a size D, tapering to a C at the waist. I also added 1" of length to this pattern- because I'm so long waisted!

I love how this turned out! I used a solid colour pinky-peach for the side and back, and the same colour fabric that has a flower print texture on the front for more interest. I also used the textured fabric to bind the top and bottom. Both of these fabrics are heavy-weight drapery fabrics from Fabricland, and underneath they are lined with a heavy weight cotton corset twill.

This corset definitely has some max cinching power! Man is it tight, I don't know that I'm used to wearing corsets enough to wear it this tight yet- but I could stand it for the pictures!

I feel like I need to find an outfit to go with this corset that is either ruffly panties, or a pouffy skirt so I don't look so disproportioned! Although I don't know if that is really possible in a corset.

For the back- I only had black grommets on me, and some twill tape for lacing- which worked out better than I thought! I actually really like it!

Naturally you will get the picture with Gibby- I just can't resist that furry little face!

And he couldn't resist my lipstick! Kisses.

I am so thrilled with how this corset turned out! I feel so pretty in it! I'll have to get used to the feeling of being corseted, and I'll definitely have to make an outfit to go with this!

Yay for corsets!

And now on to all of your lovely submissions!


First we have this absolutely stunning Corset from Karin of Mrs.Weaver's Finest!

This is a corset with a beautiful heritage behind it. Karin made this using the cotton bed sheets that were gifted from her great-grandmother to her parents on their wedding day. How gorgeous! And there is a really touching story that goes along with it over on her post :)

Karin made this for an amazing photo shoot that she organized at her Mrs.Weaver's Finest Parlour, involving some amazing ladies and their undergarments! It sounds like a truly magical day! Don't forget to check out Karin's post to read all about it :)

Next we have a very pretty corset from Tracy!

Tracy made this beautiful victorian corset using pink damask, satin binding and her own handmade bobbin lace- isn't that incredible!

Absolutely stunning! And I'm really loving the shape of this corset- it makes me want a more historical corset! I don't know if I'll ever possess enough patience to make my own lace- but wow it's impressive!

Next we have an adorable-as-always bra and panty set from Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews!

Maddy made this bra using the AFI Maya bra pattern- she got to be a tester! And she did a gorgeous job making it up with stretch lace and cut & sew foam!

As per the Maddy tradition, she didn't just stop at the bra! She made cute panties to go with from the MIX30 pattern. Getting some serious lingerie set envy over here!

Make sure that you head over and check out Maddy's post about her beautiful set!

Last but not least we have this beautiful lingerie corset from Lauriana of Petit Main Sauvage!

Lauriana made this beautiful lingerie corset using non stretch lace over net for the centre panels, a strong woven fabric on the sides, powernet for the back, and cut&sew foam covered in lace for the cups. It has both boning and underwires! Wow!

And what a lovely fit too! Absolutely gorgeous! I might have to make one of these in the future- I love it!!

Make sure you head over to Lauriana's blog to see her post all about it!


Wow!! again, you all impress me so much with your gorgeous works of art! And I'm so happy with how Corset Month has started and all the beautiful submissions and plans for corsets! I'm so happy :)

Don't forget to check out the Pinterest board and if you're on Instagram and posting your lovely makes- don't forget to add in #braaweek or #corsetoctober  !!

You can go here to grab a challenge button and don't forget to send your bra for next week to by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

Again I cannot wait to see what the rest of Corset Month brings- but if this week is any indication- it's going to be the most amazing month!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

xo erin

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Life [03.10.15]: Queen st., Keys & Corsets

Hi All!

What a crazy week I've had! So many exciting things!

One of those exciting things was a trip into Toronto, shopping on Queen st.W for fabric!  

I love the variety of shops that you find there- some are tiny, some are big, some are organized- and some are so packed that you have to wander single file through the shop scanning over the piles and piles of fabric- like this shop -->

It was so much fun spending the day and wandering around with mom :) When we're together- we are almost the same person :)

The other big and exciting news is that I picked up the key to my studio!! YAY!! It's finally here! I'm so excited!!

You can expect lots of updates on my studio coming up! (after my trip to Calgary!!) And stay tuned for the big launch!!

Other than fun times shopping and celebrating the new addition to my key-chain- I've also been fiendishly sewing to get all of my corsets done this month! They definitely take longer than bras!! 

Well I'm back to my sewing room! I hope you've add had a lovely week, please tell me all about it! 

xo erin

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Feeling like a little of Mrs.Weaver's Finest this Fall!

Hi All!!

I mentioned that I would be doing something a little special this fall, even more special than Corset October,.... drumroll please....

I'm going to be in Calgary for TWO WEEKS with the lovely 
Mrs. Weaver! 

Beyond a lovely visit, which will include more than it's fair share of chocolate and tea :) We also have SO many amazing events planned- even some where you can come and meet us!!

We are going to be at the International Burlesque Festival,  on the 16th and 17th showing off our corsets, kicking up our heels and having a blast!

We are going to be at BRA day (Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day) on the 21st - to learn all about reconstruction options and show off some of our lovely mastectomy lingerie and swim options too!

Then we will be hosting a booth at the Body Mind Soul Expo on the 24th and 25th!

AND I will be tagging along to Mrs. Weaver's corset making class on the 27th and 28th!

Mrs.Weaver has posted a little more detail about all these events over on her blog post if you want to know even more!

It's going to be a crazy exciting two weeks! and I SO can't wait!!! So if you live in the Calgary area or will be there for any of these dates- we would absolutely love to meet you or see you at an event!

We are always up for bra talk!! and you'll have the chance to ask Mrs.Weaver all about her beautiful lacy bras, stunning corsets and the progress on her new studio :) :)

You are also going to be receiving extra-long Saturday Life posts and an absolute tidal wave of instagram posts from me and hopefully Mrs.Weaver (I promise I'll get her on instagram!!)

Cannot wait for this crazy ride to start!

Let me know if you're going to be at any of these events!! I can't wait to meet you!! :)

xo erin

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Corset October

Hi All!

Wow October is such an exciting time! I just love the start of fall when everything starts getting a little more crisp outside, and your hot coffee in the morning is absolutely divine and your dreaming up your costume for Halloween! :)

And what could be a better addition to the wonderful month of October? Corsets of course!!

Which is why I've made October Corset Month for the Bra-A-Week Challenge!

That means that I'll be making 4 corsets this month!! YAY Corset goodness!!

What this means for the Bra-A-Week Challenge- is that you will see lot of corsets from me, and corset talk! And I would absolutely love it if you'd like to join in and make a corset or two (or four)!! But it does not mean that you need to make a corset- you can continue to submit all your bra, bralette and swimwear lovelies!

If you are new to the challenge: All you have to do to get involved is send 2 photos of your beautiful creation, a short description, and any links to your site/blog/facebookpage to:

All submissions received before midnight on Friday will be included in that Sunday's post- if you send it later- it will be held until the next Sunday!


So with those details out of the way, I thought I'd share with you al little preview of my corsets that I've planned for the month! And give you a little of my inspiration :)

I'm going to be using two gorgeous patterns from the lovely Scarlett!

This Angel Underbust corset! 

And my inspiration for this corset- since it's underbust in the front, but fairly high in the back- was to be a very wearable corset, in a nice fall fabric- that will go well with skirts and blouses.

..and that is where the lovely fine herringbone comes in
..there might even be a bit of velvet trimmings if I'm feeling extra luxurious!

My next pattern from Scarlett will be her Harlot Suspender corset - I hope I pull this off as well as she does!

This is where I want to look fancy! You know if I'm going to be doing the suspender clips and all anyways!

..and that is where this gorgeous satin-y print comes in! 
isn't it beautiful- so worthy of this project!

And that other two corsets I'm making will be using the Freedom Corset Pattern from Pin-Up Girls

This is a pattern that I have made once before- and I feel confident that I can whip them out a little quicker!

So firstly I'll be making the overbust view in this lovely fabric:

I do have a matching fabric that has a floral texture to it too- which might  make it in there! 

And I wanted to go outside the box for the next one- the underbust and make it out of this bright floral rayon, that I'll be interfacing! 

So those are my fabrics and my plans. I've also been having a bit of a pinning spree for corsets over on my Welcome to Burlesque board on Pinterest!

Do you have any ideas or inspirations for Corsets? Are you making one this October or have you already started?

Let me know in the comments!

xo erin

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bra-A-Week [36]: Lift Lift Lift

Hi All!

This week is the last week of bra theory before Corset October. And I have a really good one for you! All about lift!

Now as a 24 year old with no children, and medium cup size- I don't really have enough of a lift issue to show this very well- so my mom very kindly offered to model this bra for me :) in exchange for a custom bra of course- in her favourite kit-  chartreuse, with white findings, with the more vertical 'Bliss' wires. (I've decided to call these wires 'Bliss Wires'- for obvious reasons :) )

Now this is one of those tester bras with two different cups - one side lifts and one side doesn't (and I promise that I replaced the non-lifting cup for mom after I was finished with the lift experiment!)

Before I jump into this bra- first I'm going to talk a little bit about lift- and I think this is where people start to get confused and terminology starts to get mixed.

Lift is the upwards force that is pulling the breast up from the strap and is controlled by the upper cup. This is not to be confused with 'push up' or 'push in' forces that come from slings and powerbars on the underside our outer edge of the cup.

Lift is controlled by the upper cup- and if your upper cup is too long from apex to neckline/strap- then your bra is going to be letting you down- literally.

So to show this- I took moms custom pattern, and I added a bad alteration to one of the cups- The blue is the original seamline, and in pink you can see the additional curve and vertical length that I added to the upper cup in the cross-cup seam.

And this is the effect:

You can see that the right side (right side of the photo) is lifted and rounded, no wrinkles in the cup, breast sitting entirely above the wireline, apex pointing ahead.

But on the left side- there are wrinkles, the breast is drooping below the wire, and even the apex looks off centre now.

The effect is even more dramatic when you see it from the side view:

This side is a nice lifted, but round and casual fit for under T-shirts.

And this side is is looking quite let down.

 You can even see through a T-shirt how much more lifted the right side is!

Isn't it amazing how a little alteration like that can make such a huge difference to the fit!

A good way to test your bra to see if it needs this alteration is to take a big horizontal pinch from your upper cup and see if that makes things more lifted for you!

Thank you again so much to mom for being such a good sport! And for breast-feeding me for those 9 months! I already have your bra cup replaced with a lifted one- ready for you to wear! :)

What are you opinions on lift? Is that something that you struggle with in your bra fit?


Now on to your lovely submissions!

First we have this super fun bra from Amber!

If you can believe it this beauty is actually a nursing bra! Who says nursing bras can't be beautiful!

 Amber made this from a Pin-Up Girls Classic pattern- modified for a horizontal seam with split lower cup and powerbar! And modified for nursing clips!

Amber made this bra with white duoplex, and stamped these little bees on with stamps and fabric markers! HOW CUTE ARE THEY! I want a bee bra! She also used fold-over elastic and a little folded ribbon for the front! Love it! Thanks Amber!

Next we have this gorgeous lacy number from Karin of Mrs. Weaver's Finest!

Karin made a strapless bra! which is always quite the feat in bra-making- especially with larger cup sizes!

And oh my is it pretty- such a delicate feel- and that little bow :)

She also added little loops for G-hook detachable straps- just in case she wanted them- love it!

Make sure you go over to Karin's blog to check out her post on this beauty, and all the info that she gave with it- more Bra Theory :)

Next we have pretty lace bra from David of Bonnet Bleu 

David made this bra with underwires and two types of lace- non stretch embroidered lace for the cups and stretch lace for the back band. Love those lace cups, and a perfect job on mirroring the lace! So pretty!

David is a freelance lingerie designer, label: Bonnet Blue

Facebook Page 

dpolrolniczak (at) wp (dot) pl

Next we have a very luxurious set from Maddy of Miss Maddy Sews!

This is Maddy's Burlesque set! She made it using stretch velvet (found in the remnants bin *all hail the remnants queen!*) and stretch lace. What a gorgeous effect- there is just something about velvet- and this colour is gorgeous!

And of course she didn't just stop there but she made the whole set, panties, garter belt and all! Wow- I must say that I've been feeling a bit of lingerie envy - I definitely need to get making some full sets! I bet you feel like a million buck in this Maddy!

Make sure that you head on over and check out her post on this delightful set!

Next we have a very fashionable bra from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

This is Sofia's second Maya pattern bra- and tweaked with perfect fitting alterations! And this time Sofia was really resourceful with her fabric and made it from her boyfriend's shirt sleeves! Love it! She even used the cuff buttons for the front embellishment!

I'm really loving this look for fall- I think you could wear this under a sheer shirt or a mostly buttoned up blazer! very tailored/menswear feel! Fantastic!

Make sure you head on over to Sofia's blog to see her lovely post about it!

Next we have two beautiful makes from new contributor Anna of AnnaSkapar!

Anna made this beautiful bra using the Pin-Up Girls Classic pattern with modified seams. She used a lovely turquoise fabric with foam underneath! Loving that lace trim along the top!

She also made this gorgeous bikini top for her trip to Mallorca! She said it was the only top that didn't have to worry about falling off when she jumped in the water! She made this using the Pin-Up Girls Three Sisters Bikini, the Rebecca version, with some modifications. Love this print! So tropical!

And last but not least we have these two lovelies from Diana of Diana Lingerie Design

These are both from Diana's new pattern that she is testing, and she made these for her sister- What a great sister!

Wow these look so pretty and professional- and I'm loving the shape on that vertical seam! Great!

Make sure to check out Diana's post about these two over on her blog!


Again I am so in awe of the beautiful submissions this week- you guys are amazing! :) 

Don't forget to check out the Pinterest board, and the Flickr Group if you enjoy those platforms! To grab a challenge button and to send your bra for next week to by Friday for the next Sunday post!!

I can't believe that September is already coming to an end- and with it the first month of Bra-Theory. If you didn't get a chance to read them all I also covered:

If you're sad about Bra-Theory ending, I wouldn't worry too much, I have a feeling that it will be back in November with more special posts :) 

Also I hope you're just as excited as I am for Corset October!! Of course you can continue to submit all types of lovely intimate apparel to the challenge- but you are also welcome to join me in my corset-making quest! I'll be doing a post this week about patterns, fabrics and inspiration that I'm using for my corsets this month! 

Hope you're all having a wonderful Sunday!

xo erin