Monday, October 24, 2016

[Style Search] Week 7 The Ogden Cami

Hi All!

Back to the Style Search! And this week I decided that after some skirts, and a dress, it was about time that I added some classic tops to my wardrobe.

Looking through my wardrobe I realized that I have absolutely no spaghetti strap tank tops- I have some sleeveless tops, but no tank tops- not one- isn't that crazy? I guess they had all worn out, and in my complete avoidance of shopping I'd never replaced them. But now I'm happy to say that I've replaced them without shopping (except in my stash!)

I have heard so many good things about this pattern, but after having a scroll through #ogdencami on instagram, and seeing this beautiful version from Allie J, I knew it had to be part of my capsule wardrobe.

If you haven't already heard of this pattern it is the Ogden Cami pattern from True Bias.

I started off simple with this pattern, I picked a super silky and flowy black rayon from my stash. This fabric pours over your hand like water. I made it exactly to the pattern specifications, no modifications in a size 8- and it was pretty perfect!

So naturally I thought, well that was super easy, why not bump it up a notch- with a little lace!

In comes some of my favourite Scarlet Donna Lace! And the best thing was - it only took 1/2 a meter, such an easy and affordable project :)

To make it with lace the only modifications I made were: I had to straighten the hemline so that I could use the scallop lace edge- then (because this took off quite a bit of length) I added it back at the shorten length line - it was about 1.25".

The other modification I made was to change the facing- I made it so it was only 1" wide after sewing, then I stitched it down 3/4" away from the neckline edge- which you really can't see on lace, but makes it stay put so perfectly!

I have to say that the lace version was actually so much quicker than the rayon- no fraying edges or finishes, no hemming- it was great!

I cannot wait to style these for you next weekend! I have so many ideas of outfits to put them with- casual and a little dressier!

What would you style these two tops with?

Have you made the Ogden Cami? How did you style it?

What would you make it out of?

I love hearing from you!



Sunday, October 16, 2016

My Everyday Bra: Chartreuse & Black

Hi All!

Last week in my lingerie wardrobe post, I showed you a new set that I made myself, so -as promised- here is that set in more detail! And don't worry I'm not finished my style search yet- I just can't help myself when it comes to bras- I had to take a short break to make one!

This bra is definitely going to make it into my most worn bras- and I partly made it to replace my red bra, that I wore to death. It's made with the same wicking fabric, and has the same comfort!

I used a bit of this bright chartreuse for the cups and black for the frame with black findings! I love the mix of these colours, it's so fresh and vibrant!

As for the bra, it was super simple construction, horizontal seam cup, with my Orange Underwires for a great everyday-shape, perfect for hiking the trails or running errands all day!

My other favourite element about this bra are my new ring hooks!! It makes it super simple to convert your bra into a sportier racer-back!  I like to have mine really high up on my back- I feel like it's the most comfortable for me, and it gives a really great shape to your cups in the front too!

I'm so excited to get these in- I feel like so many of my bras will have these now!

And.. they are up in the shop right now!! You can include them with any of your bra kits, or you can buy them separately in both 3/4" wide  and in 1/2" wide !! 

And don't forget that I'm giving away free shipping to one lucky American and one lucky Canadian order for the next two Tuesdays in October!! :) 

I'm pretty happy about my new bra! I think it's that perfect style for my everyday- a little sporty, simple and comfortable- and I'm going to be making some more matching undies soon because I LOVE these! I wasn't quite bold enough to strip down to just underwear and bra in the middle of my hike- but I promise I was wearing these and they are so comfortable! I used my self-drafted bikini bottom pattern :)

What is your bra style? Do you like sportier styles? or are you a little more girly?

Do you like to have all different style bras for different days, or do you just wear your favourite all day every day?

I love hearing from you!



Monday, October 10, 2016

New Kits & FREE Shipping Draw!!

Hi All!

I don't know if you've noticed but The Emerald Studio Etsy shop has been flooded with new kits!!

I've been hard at work sourcing lots of lovely new laces, findings kits in my new Latte colour, and a few other little things to make bra making more beautiful!

So many beautiful new things that I had to do something so celebrate!

I'm going to be giving away FREE SHIPPING!! to one lucky Canadian and one lucky American every Tuesday for the rest of October!!

The skinny on the contest: All you have to do is place your order from Tuesday-Monday before the day of the draw, and wait to hear if you are the lucky winner on the following Tuesday 11th, 18th and 25th!! If you are the lucky winner then I will refund all of your shipping charges and send out your order!

**please note that all orders will be held until Tuesday to have a chance at the draw- if you would prefer your order to be shipped immediately, you will not be eligible for the draw**

Now more about all the lovely new things available!

I have more of your favourite comfortable everyday fabrics like these Wicking kits that are so nice to wear and help keep you feeling fresh on busy days!

I have the favourite bra tulle- which creates the most stunning and sexy bras!

And lots of new colours of lace, like this beautiful Coral! And they're all non-stretch and great for all cup sizes!

And of course, you can buy everything à la carte if you prefer!

So many possibilities!!

I'm so happy with all the new lovely kits, I've been working so hard to find all the most beautiful and best things! for you all!! 

Do you have any fun bra sewing plans? 

Let me know!! 



Sunday, October 9, 2016

[Style Search]: Week 6 Lingerie Wardrobe

Hi All!

Did you really think I'd make it too much longer without talking about lingerie?

It's really a huge part of my wardrobe, and I have to say that after going through my style search, I realize that I haven't focused my bra making towards a perfect 'bra wardrobe'. Looking back, my bra making motivations have been much more focused on trying new techniques, fabrics or styles rather than picking specific beautiful things that fit with my wardrobe or lifestyle.

I can't say that I regret any of my bras at all- I learn with every bra and I love pretty much every bra that I make. But it makes me think that in the future, I might think a little more specifically about what I want in my lingerie wardrobe.

I think one of the biggest stand-out things that I realized when I pulled everything out of my drawer is that I have very few matching sets. It's something that I never cared about before - I remember wandering in to whatever bra section and just picking out whatever was the brightest or prettiest print, with a pair or two of black and nude for good measure- with no thought to matching them to my bras. But now my tastes are evolving and it is starting to matter to me more- there's something that is so luxurious about wearing a matching set, something so sophisticated and secretly glamorous.

I do have a few matching sets, but usually it's only one pair of underwear that match, and I think that a better ratio of bras to undies is 1:3 for me.  

But despite that I do still have some bras that are my go-to bras, and different bras that I wear for different occasions! I've divided them into 4 categories.

The first category are what I think of as 'sportier' bras. These bras see a LOT of use. They are super comfortable, but also super supportive- and they are great for days when you're going to be active and moving around a lot. On the left is my Grey T-Shirt bra set which is foam and bamboo, and on the right is a new Chartreuse bra out of wicking fabric that I recently made to replace my red wicking bra (RIP) - more details of that soon to come!

These next three are my bralettes. These are 'Sunday Bras', or Tuesday bras. They are for days where you are more relaxed and comfy/cozy. Not a gym day and not a day where I'm running all my errands. Maybe a day in the studio sewing or working on the blog. These are the peak of comfort and make me feel cosy. In the winter I wear them with a cosy sweater and in the summer they're best with a light floaty tank top. I probably have a few extra days of the week sometimes when I wear these ;)

From the left is my Winter Bralette- which is much more of an around-the-house bra now since it's so old, then my In the Nude lace set which I think of as a 'glamorous Sunday lounging set', and the last one is a Purple Plaid one that I made my sister for Christmas, but it ended up being a little small for her, and she didn't wear it- so I took it over :)

These next ones I think of as my beauty bras. These ones are my staples and I love them so much. I wear these bras for everyday, but they're ones that make me feel special and luxurious. I would wear these if I have a meeting to go to, or when I just want to feel great. They are all a little different and are best under different things, so I get to mix it up a lot. These are the sets that I really wish I had more matching panties to go with!

From the left: Lily of the Valley Set, Dreaming in Silk Bra, Black Beauty Bra

And finally- These bras are similar to the last category, but I don't wear them quite as much.  They're both plunge style bras - so I'll wear these more for a night out, if I'm wearing something that has a low neckline. I haven't made matching undies for these, so generally I'll just be wearing black or red boyshorts with them depending on whatever I'm wearing over them. I do love wearing them and they are important to my lingerie wardrobe, but I have to say that I feel the most beautiful in a more balconette style bra, rather than a plunging bra.

From the left: My Black Vixen bra (I have to say that the matching waist cincher is just a little too impractical for my everyday life), and then my Ivory Lace bra- which is an old favourite :)

So that is my lingerie wardrobe. There are a few bras that I also love to wear and wear occasionally - but I also keep some of my beautiful bras for display at my studio, and to show people for examples (oh the sacrifices! lol)

The other thing that I get asked a lot about my collection is "Where are your seamless bras- don't you see the seams through that with a thin t-shirt?' - and I have to say- yes, yes you do see the seams, but what is wrong with that? I kind of like when my bras show through my shirts a little- because I really love them!

I think in the future, when I make more bras, I'm going to think a little more about what I have in my wardrobe, what I would like, if there are any bras that need to be replaced, and I think I'll place a lot more importance on matching undies!

How about you? What does your underwear wardrobe look like?

Do you care about matching sets?

Let me know!



Sunday, October 2, 2016

[Style Search]: Week 5 Ultimate Wrap Dress

Hi All!

It's time for another addition to my wardrobe :) And this one was something I definitely wanted to check off my list, because I think it will be perfect for my fall/winter wardrobe and it hits so many of my style words! And that of course is a wrap dress!

I made this using the Ultimate Wrap Dress pattern from Sew Over It.

I'm really loving this wrap dress- I cut out a straight size 12 from the pattern with no fitting alterations. The only alterations I made were: I shortened the sleeves to this 3/4 length (which I knew I would be pushing up to my elbows anyways), Then instead of doing a facing along the neckline, I made a band with the same fabric, and I finished the neckline with it. I found that this was perfect, because the fabric was a little thin and stretchy and I was worried that the neckline would gape, but with this I pulled the band a little as I was serging it on, and now the neckline hugs perfectly!

I also didn't hem the dress, because this fabric is a little thin and ridiculous to work with and it looks just fine with no hem- so I'm going to just be sketchy and leave it like that.

I feel like this dress hits perfectly with my : Classic, Comfortable, Timeless and maybe a little Glamorous.

My only initial concern with this dress was that it doesn't follow my colour palette very well. It doesn't really have the emerald, scarlett, mustard yellow, deep fushia or bright coral. I feel like it does have some of the essence of corals and mustard although they're a little different. And I also realized it it was CRAZY that I didn't put any blues in my colours because my wardrobe is very heavy in blue.

But this was one of those things where the print just won me over, and I really don't have many printed or statement clothes in my wardrobe right now. I feel like this dress does go with many of my neutrals and but it's very stand alone.

The other thing that I noticed was that my style choices have been evolving in a way that I really didn't think they would. I don't know if it's because it's fall or because the colours go with this season, but I'm finding myself drawn to a more 70's vibe, like this wrap dress and a few other pieces that are in my wardrobe. In the past I've always though of myself as a much more 50's or 60's lover, and really leaned away from the 70's style. Maybe it's just a coincidence for my fall capsule, but it was definitely unexpected.

I wore this dress immediately after I made it, for  a whole day out in the sunshine at a craft beer festival, and it was perfect- I felt so chic, and it was super comfortable, short enough to be a little cool, but long enough to be comfortable. I think there's so the fact that everyone looks amazing in a wrap dress, but I definitely feel figure-flattered in this dress. And what I really like are the proportions that it gives me, having it tight at the waist then flaring out gives me the longer-legs proportions, when really I have quite a long torso.

I'm really happy with this dress, the fit and overall versatility, and I'm thinking that I might just need another one in my closet. But if I do make another one, I think I'll make it in a solid colour - either something very neutral like a navy, or cream- or possibly even in one of my pops of colour- like emerald or scarlet.

Of course I had to include one funny picture- and this one highlights just how fluffy Gibby is getting, and how insane his underbite is!

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far for my capsule wardrobe, and I'm already finding it easier to get ready in the morning! I still feel like I'm missing some basics from my wardrobe and I'm still feeling out all of my style words and deciding if my original plan needs any tweaks, but I am feeling  a lot more in control of my style and closet and feeling more stylish and confident when I leave the house.

I think I might do a mid week post either this week, or probably next week and go over some of the thoughts that I've been having about my wardrobe or any conflicting or challenging things that I've found.

Are any of you also working on your wardrobe? How's it going for you?

Are you drawn to any style decade more than others? has it changed?

I love to hear from you!!



Saturday, September 24, 2016

[Style Search]: Week 4 Styling the Mabel

Hi All!

So after a lot more pacing in my room, trying on what felt like everything I owned, and a little more laying on my floor staring at my ceiling, I managed to make 10 outfits that I love!!

I have to say that once you get into it, and you get a little more familiar with all of your clothes, it gets easier :)

In case you're just reading this week all my outfits are being styled with my Mabel skirts from Colette

Here are the outfits that I put together with my blue mabel:

And with my black mabel:

I tried to get a good mix of dressed up and dressed down with both skirts- although my black quilted mabel definitely lends itself to being dressed up more!

So I'm going to walk through these outfits, what I'm wearing and what I think of them! Also- in the interest of promoting my capsule wardrobe- I'm going to keep a count on anything that I wear in multiple outfits with a little count beside them!


This first outfit, from last week, is this short sleeved sweater shirt over a sleeveless white blouse(1)! I think this outfit is pretty comfortable, chic and young. This is a good transitional outfit for some casual business stuff, but also out doing creative stuff, or in my studio :) 


This is a good outfit for the studio- because it's so easy and comfortable! My low-back, navy, Nettie Bodysuit (which is great for keeping me cool in the studio because I'm always warm!) Plus the pop of deep fuchsia in a silky scarf(1), which matches my thick socks in comfy boots(1). I could sew for hours in this!

This for me is definitely young, chic, a little edgy with the boots, maybe a little glamorous because of the low back and absolutely comfortable!


This outfit is great for the warmer fall days (although it would be easy to warm it up by throwing some tall boots on with it!)  This outfit is very simple, the sleeveless white blouse(2), with an oversized denim shirt(1) overtop.

This outfit to me is very fresh, classic, effortless and cool! And of course it's good for walking along the beach with your puppy (especially when you look back on your photos and see that your dog found something to roll in in the background of your photo- make sure you zoom in on that lol)


This outfit is very Fall to me :) I can imagine walking through a park, maybe going to an outdoor festival or having coffee in an outdoor cafe! This cute mustard coloured sleeveless top(1) tucked into the skirt, with the oversized demin shirt(2) tied overtop. With my extra tall brown boots!

To me this outfit is very chic, timeless, classic and youthful, and hits one of my favourite capsule colours for fall, which is mustard :) 


This outfit is a classic to me, a light patterned short sleeve blouse, with this grey holes sweater(1) overtop, my time turner necklace, and the tall boots. Really simple and classic, but with a twist of this sweater that's all holes which makes it a little more youthful and edgy. I can see wearing this to the studio to work, but also I could wear this for a casual business meet-up, or out to coffee with the girls. Even a day of walking through the city shopping.


Now to my black mabel - and I'm loving this skirt! This first outfit to me is the ultimate of classic, timeless, glamorous, simple, and a bit lush. The skirt simply paired with this slightly sheer and lightweight cream coloured blouse, nylons and tall leather boots. A little bit of lipstick :) I love this outfit.


This is a go-to studio outfit/ day out doing cool and creative things. My eyes t-shirt, paired with this faded scarlet jacket, and comfortable short boots.  I feel youthful, edgy, practical and cool in this outfit :)


This outfit is a mix of comfortable, youthful and a little edgy, dressed-down casual, perfect for fall walks, apple picking and drinking apple cider :) With the grey holes sweater(2) the fuchsia scarf(2) and the boots with fuchsia socks(2).


This outfit will be my go-to for any business meetings, or medium dressy events. I think this outfit is simple, classic, chic and timeless, and pretty comfortable too! My sleeveless white blouse(3), simple black cardigan(1), fuchsia scarf(3), and tall black boots. I feel professional enough but also cool enough in this outfit.


This is a bit of a dressier outfit, I would go out to drinks with the girls in this outfit! I think it's a bit fun with my sleevless mustard top(2), simple black cardigan(2), coordinating gold necklace and faux-suede little ankle boots. I would describe this as chic, classic and glamorous. :)

Those are my 10 outfits! I have to say that I'm pretty proud of myself, and I'm a lot happier with my closet now- I feel like I'm getting a handle on what I have in my closet, I know what things go with and how they actually look on me now since I've tried so many combinations on.

For example, I learned that if I'm not tucking a shirt into these skirts, then it needs to be shorter than my widest hip point, and have a curved hem to be more flattering (the grey hole sweater is a bit of an exception to the curved hem rule). I also learned that, in general, I like the proportions of things tucked into a high-waisted skirt more- since I'm tall but have a very long torso, I think it helps to lengthen my legs more.

I feel like there's so much more to learn! But it is getting a little easier already. And I'm looking forward to making more things to add to my wardrobe and putting together more outfits- because as much as I'm really loving these skirts, I still think of myself as a pants person first :)

Which is your favourite outfit?

Do you like the blue or the black mabel better?

Any thoughts on the direction of my style? I feel like I'm doing a better job of hitting some of my style words than others, but overall I think I'm pretty happy. I might need more of my pops of colour in the future though.

Talk to me in the comments!!