Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bra-A-Week [44]: Black Beauty

Hi All!

Back to the Bra-A-Week Challenge! I do miss it when I skip a week! And this week I decided to treat myself and make a bra that is everything I want in a bra! Exactly me :) And I came up with this!

It is made out of my new favourite fabric- Bra tulle, I used a double layer with opposite direction of stretch! This is everything I like in a bra, my horizontal seam, an external powerbar, fold over elastics and of course my favourite bliss wire :)  (If you didn't already see, I did a post about the Bliss wire!)

I had to break out the nipple covers for you on this one! But I do really love the sheer! There's something so minimal and so pretty about it to me. This is probably my favourite bras that I've made myself :) I'm so happy with it!

 I made the powerbar an external element and finished the edge with fold over elastic, so I could have it continue up in the strap. You know me and the double straps!

I love how it all seams to flow so seamlessly and smoothly with the fold over elastic, it's all so clean and simple!

I also decided to finish it with 3/4" straps and a 3X3 hook and eye, with a wider band, for a little extra comfort and support!

I just love it! I love the fit, I love the seams! I love it! And the bra tulle was great to work with!

I'm very happy to say that I've just added bra kits with this beautiful tulle to The Emerald Studio Etsy!

You can buy just the fabric on it's own, or the kit with everything to make a bra! And I'm going to be coming out with fold-over elastic findings kits soon too- so you can make the same bra! I'm so happy that I finally get to share all of my bra-making favourites with you all!! :)

I see so many beautiful bras in the future!

And here are some of your beautiful bras!

First we have a beautiful bra & panties set from Jodi!

Jodi made this bra using silk and lace to cover pre-formed foam cups, and the same silk and lace to make a pair of Grace Panties, and Rose Cross Over Panties from Ohhh lu lu.

Love these!! So pretty! And it works so well with both styles of panties!!

Next we have a lovely bra from Sofia of Silver Lining Atelier!

Sofia made this bra using a beautiful plum lace, striped frame and black lace back band. What a gorgeous combination!! this bra is SO pretty!

Sofia also did a little seam experimentation on this bra to get her vertical seam just right! It's always such a great feeling when you perfect a fit! Lovely!!

Make sure you check out Sofia's post all about it over on her blog!!

Next we have a very pretty bra from Jennifer of JensWare!

This is Jennifer's Pink & Pearly Butterfly bra! She made this using the Classic Pattern from Pin-Up Girls, with pink duoplex, pink findings and a pearly white lace for a butterfly in the center!

Jennifer also added some extra details! A doubled duoplex interior powerbar for extra oomph  and some of the pearly lace on the back band near the hook and eye! Super pretty!

Next we have a very fresh set from Emma of A Hand Stitched Life!

Emma made this bra using the Boylston pattern from Orange Lingerie, with a matching pair of bottoms from the Watson Bikini pattern from Cloth Habit. How much do you love this fabric? So gorgeous!!

This was also her first leap into cut & sew foam! what a beautiful job! And I love the matching set! I need to start making matching sets!!

Make sure you go and check out more about this beauty over on Emma's blog post!!


Another week of beautiful inspiration, another week of new techniques and new fabrics! I love it!!

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I couldn't be more inspired, or more excited from this week :)

And for a little bra-a-week check in- how are you feeling about the bra-a-week challenge? Do you have any new goals? New shapes, fabrics, styles you want to try?

Let me know all about it!



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Life [21.11.15]: First Week in my Studio

Hi All,

This has been a very surreal week. The first week working in my studio. My Studio. It's a real thing!

It's been so amazing having people drop in to say hi, ask about having a custom bra made, inquiring about my upcoming classes (post soon to come on that!!) It has really been the most amazing combination of overwhelming and magical, all at the same time!

I'm still basking a little bit in the glow of my opening, and loving all the beautiful flowers that everyone gave me :)

And I had a wonderful surprise of these beauties! The lovely man who designed my sign did some more beautiful design work for the blog and the studio! I can't wait to get these digitized and made in my new header and stamps!!

The other big project that I've been focusing on this week is launching all my new products!!! YAY and that meant lots of product photography!

Here is a little behind the scenes magic of the Etsy Product photography!!

Here I am photographing my newly-launched Bliss wire!!

I did a post all about these wires here.

And you can find them in my Etsy shop here :)

The other thing that I launched are new bra kits with beautiful bra tulle!! You can check those out at The Emerald Studio Etsy!

You'll also get to see a couple samples of them coming up tomorrow :)

I'm already seeing the orders coming in! And I'm so happy with my new packing area!! Everything green :)

And I'm writing this, as I sit at my front counter, planning out all my goals for next week, looking down at my little Gibby :)

Wow it has been a full week! And I can't wait to show you what I made for the Bra-A-Week Challenge tomorrow!

How has your week been? I love hearing all about you guys!

Until tomorrow



Thursday, November 19, 2015

BLISS Underwires!!

Hi All!!

I wanted to do a post about underwires today! I know that it can be confusing with all the different types of wires, but I've stumbled upon a wire that I really love- and I call it the Bliss wire :)

I talked about this wire back in September in this bra theory post and showed the difference between the Bliss wire and my usual wires, that I like to call Round wires. There are a few features that make this wire an excellent choice for a lot of women!

This is the Bliss Wire:

You can see that the bliss wire is a deeper, narrower wire. This shape gives a great fit! Especially if you have: larger cup sizes, very little space between your cups (narrow bridge), close set-breasts or a narrow ribcage, or if you're looking to bring your breasts closer together and out from your underarm!

And this is the bliss wire compared to a round wire (below),  

Bliss Wire                                                        Round Wire 

And here you can see the difference in a bra with the bliss wire (left) and the round wire (right). Personally I prefer the Bliss wire :)

I love having more options!! And more wires for all different shapes and styles :) One step closer to the perfect fit for every body! Here you can see just how different the splay is between the Bliss wire and the Round Wire - whatever works the best for you body and comfort!

* It should be noted that these wires are not ideal for smaller or shallower fit cups.

I am so happy to say that I have a full stock of these wires in 

Wires for all!! (I know that some of you have been waiting very patiently!)

I also have my Round and Plunge wires available in the shop too! 

What wire do you like best? Are you going to give the Bliss wire a try?

xo erin

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Emerald Studio

Hi All!

Welcome to The Emerald Studio!! The home of custom lingerie, swimwear & corsetry, classes & supplies for all! 

It's finally open!!! I'm SO EXCITED!! And this past Friday (the 13th!) I had my Grand Opening!!

I got to shake hand with all the important people in Belleville!! Here I am with the Mayor and the MPP!! 

So many beautiful flowers, certificates and congratulations were sent my way! It was so amazing! :) :)

I had a lovely spread, and everyone had a chance to mingle and wander around to see the studio! I'm so happy with it!! I've added so many little touches, so much of it was either made by my dad (the real star behind the scenes- thanks dad!!) or it was made by me, or mom, or was in my grandmothers sewing shop!

This is the view from the middle of my shop looking towards the front, you can see my beautiful teaching tables! I can't wait for them to be full of students!

 Here I have some of my sewing supplies for any students that find themselves missing those things that they need!

And I have my fitting room! I'll have to do a full fitting room tour in the future! And a special thank you to my friend for the gorgeous corset pictures- they're perfect!

I had my clothesline of bras to show of some of my designs- of course you'll recognize all of these! I can't believe I had my picture taken with the Mayor and MPP in front of this wall of bras!!

As the evening went on, I brought out some more food, mom went home to get Gibby! and more friends and family wandered through to wish me well, see the studio and dream of all the amazing things to come in the future with me.

Everyone could tell that this is going to be a magical space! There is SO much coming up- I can't even express how happy, blessed and excited I feel!

It was  a day surrounded by old friends, new friends and family- and I could definitely feel the support of all of my beautiful blog friends there with me in spirit!  I cannot wait for all that the future has to hold, this opening was one small step towards all of the amazing things to come!! I'm so happy to have you all here in this with me :) Onwards and upwards!!  



Monday, November 9, 2015


Hi All!!


I'm having my Grand Opening of my beautiful Emerald Studio this Friday! I'm so excited that this day is almost here! 

I know that many of you live far away and won't be able to make it- so for all of you I'll be taking TONS of pictures and there will be a grand post all about it this Sunday! :) 

But if any of you are in the Belleville , Ontario, Canada area- then you are welcome to join in the celebration- to meet me in person, see some of my work and my lovely studio!! 

213A Front st. Belleville, Ontario

It's almost here!! 



Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bra-A-Week [42]: Mastectomy Week :)

Hi All!

This week I have something extra special for you! I have a mastectomy bra!

When I was in Calgary collaborating with my friend Karin (of Mrs.Weaver's Finest), we did a fitting on a lovely lady who had a double mastectomy. In the process of designing and constructing the bra (that you'll see later in the post!) we had a wonderful talk about mastectomy bras, our ideas for them and their design, and how we could make them as beautiful as possible. :) So to go along with the first mastectomy bra that you saw this week over on Karin's blog, here is another bit of mastectomy inspiration!

I decided when I was making this bra, that I wanted to do a few things: I wanted to try this in a size that is larger than my size that I usually make, I wanted to try two different styles pockets for the prosthetic, and most importantly I wanted to make it beautiful! I'm happy to say that I achieved my goal!!

For these two style of pockets- you can see that on the left there is a pocket that is only contained within the cup, this will work on someone who has a fairly flat chest wall, and who is only looking to fill in the cup. On the right side there is a different pocket- this one goes all the way to the side seam which can be needed after some surgeries, where more tissue is removed under the arm. Both of these can have prosthetics made that fit perfectly into the bra and fill in all the spaces that need to be filled.

I made this one with one of each type of pocket because it is a sample to inspire all the beautiful women who come into my shop :) I am so in love with the light peach foam, covered in black lace :) So classy, so elegant :)

Although this bra isn't even close to my size (wow would I look curvy with these girls!), I pinned it on, just to show off what it looks like on a form :) I have to say- I really want to make this bra for myself! I love it- it's one of my favourites I've ever made!!

I still have to make the prosthetic to put in this bra- a post on that to come! I'm just so happy with how this bra turned out! Breast cancer is a cause very close to my heart, and I'm so happy to be able to make beautiful things to help women feel like themselves again. :)

And speaking of beautiful mastectomy bras....

Isn't it gorgeous! This one is a soft-cup bra, made with ivory duoplex covered in a light peach lace :)

This one is for a lovely lady with a double mastectomy, with two of the cup-only mastectomy pockets in modal :) super soft! I'm so happy we're both showing off beautiful mastectomy wear!! :) There is NO reason that women should have to compromise beauty in mastectomy wear!

Make sure to head over to read Karin's post for more on this beauty!


And now we have some stunning submissions!

This first submission is from Jodi!

Jodi made this bra by cloning a pattern off one of fav RTW patterns- she used this beautiful lace lined with silk organza - how stunning is this!

She made this panties using the Orange Lingerie pattern to match- what a gorgeous set! This is her second bra using her cloned pattern (a few more tweaks!) her first was in Week 14 :) Love it!


Next we have a very pretty bra from Jennifer of JensWare!

Jennifer made this bra using the Shelley pattern from Pin-Up Girls, blue bird blue duoplex, flowers & hearts lace and white findings! How pretty is that!

Can I be the first to say that this reminds me of my favourite disney princess- Cinderella <3 in the best way possible! So gorgeous!


Thanks again for all the beautiful submissions this week! You never fail to inspire me!

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I'm so happy to finally be posting a mastectomy bra- I don't know what took me so long! I hope that this post was inspiring for you, or for a loved one :) I feel like we've all been touched by breast caner in our lives :)

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!